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“SWEET ROAD” LLC was established in 2007. The company operates the businesses of foreign trade and distributions in domestic areas and it has totally about 80 employees.

Currently the company is working as an official distributor of gums, Wispa and Picnic chocolates of Kraft foods Company, which is the world famous company.  Besides, we are importing about 100 kinds of products such as Copy papers, coffee, palm oils and many kinds of household products and washing powders direct from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Russia and supplying to Mongolian markets.

We have joint and reliable distribution system to sell products whole in Mongolia and therefore instantly reach at about 7000 distribution points located in 3 cities and 21 provinces. We have a wholesale trading center for our products too.

The marketing team of our Company is working hard for the goal to become the leading colleagues in food and household product market by extending our operations and providing instant and continuous distributions of our importing products to have satisfied with demand of our customers and consumers.

In the further, we will prefer to accumulate experiences from other countries, adjust the foreign experiences in home country conditions and implement the high quality of services, distributions, product arrangements, and communication cultures within the framework of laws.