tsakhiur compani“Tsakhiur” Company established in 989 as a Company with limited liability and reformed the company in 1996 as a Limited Liability company under relevant laws. It has been continuously operating and expanding its businesses of production, services, foreign and domestic trade and intermediations. General director D. Bat-Erdene is the founder and shareholder of the company.

During first years, the Company successfully operated businesses of exports and imports as a top priority. Today the company has international partners from countries such as Russian Federation, China, Kazakhstan, Kirghiz, Ukraine, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Korea and has been importing and supplying high quality foods and commodities of world reputable firms to domestic market via our distributing chain. As a result, we already got some official distributor rights of some kinds of products in Mongolia.

Currently there are more than 128 employees working in our company. We have complex chain of sales and distributing, perform direct distributions to 5400 points in Ulaanbaatar city, 191 points in Darkhan city and 304 points in Erdenet city, and located our contractual distributors in 21 provinces. The new POS distributing system brought to our business in 2010 made our sellers’ work as easier, and we can have the opportunity to view any of distribution information in any time in any classifications from the system besides the opportunity to control all the sales processes.

Our Company usually takes its attention to make up the friendly and comfortable work environment for our employees, to support social issues of our employees and to improve their educations; and therefore frequently conducts trainings for them. Moreover we started utilization of 4 level complex construction having warehouses, modern office rooms and auto car parks in its 1 hectare yard in 2011.

We could already have high efficient business with progressive growth of production turnovers; and today successfully started operations in food production and advertisement sectors.