“Tsakhiur” JSC has been operating the business of foreign trade for about 20 years. Our business operations are being progressively expanding and currently we have more than 128 employees, and the Company is yearly selected as the one of TOP-100 companies by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as the one of best tax payer companies too.

More than 80 percent of our company employees are graduates, who graduated from foreign and domestic universities and institutes. The Company takes its attention to develop educations of its employees, promote employees, ethically spend their free times, keep them healthy and provide comfortable work environment and spends certain fund for above mentioned activities. For examples:

  • Having employees of “Tsakhiur” LLC continuously and frequently being prepared and trained to reach at competing level of professional education and skills in Mongolian labor market is the main part of the operations and policies of the Company’s Human Resource Department.
  • In 2011, we send our two trained staffs to foreign reputable institutes to be trained by the Company fund. The Company frequently conducts professional trainings for our administrative team, distribution and financial units by inviting foreign and domestic commercial counselors.
  • It is OPEN for employees of “Tsakhiur” LLC to have their professional skills as fairly assessed, to gain promotion on their further career and to receive competing high salary in the market. We offer opportunities to promote for our employees.
  • “Tsakhiur” LLC brings the opportunity to work in healthy, comfortable and friendly environment for its employees. In November 2011, we started utilization of office rooms facilitated with modern and advanced equipment and technologies. Besides, conducts sport activities /basketball, football, tennis and bowling/ every month and actively involves our employees to the activities.

Dear applicant, who is the Mongolian citizen! When you apply for a job to our company, you probably will feel our friendly environment, modern comfortable work places, market competing salaries, promoting opportunities, high powered young team and spirits to keep pace with world development.

This page is purposed to introduce you the new job announcements of Tsakhiur LLC, how to apply for a job and process to recruit new employees

We hope you will contact us.

Wish you all the success.